Sunday, November 7, 2010

Cavtat, Croatia

My last card for today shows Cavtat in Croatia.

Out of soo many Croatian cards, this is actually my very first one showing thanks a lot to Goran for this perfect choice for my collection!
I regret not having used the chance last year to visit Cavtat too, but went only to Dubrovnik...when Cavtat is actually before Dubrovnik (and is the nearest Croatian city to the border with Montenegro I think), so it is not like it takes any extra hours to go further and back, when the city is already in the way...but oh well, hope  I learn from my mistakes and use a chance next time...ive been to Cavtat before...but I was a child back then so I dont really remember anything...
The modern Croatian name for the city reveals the ancient origins and the link with Dubrovnik. Cavtat is a derived from Civitas Vetus, that means "old city" in Latin.

the stamp is from this year's set of 4 stamps representing Croatian Ethnographic heritage and this one portrays Medimurje.

Well, stay tuned until next time...whenever I get the chance to make that happen :)

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