Saturday, November 13, 2010


Here is one lovely map card!

well, this one has some sort of a story...I got some of these map cards last summer....I was actually over-excited when I saw them, and had to grab more than one...but of course, in the end they could be found nowhere....yeah, tourists know what's most popular.
Anyways, since my mum went there last September, I asked her to look for some map cards again, and in case she didnt find any, I gave her mine so that she could send it to me written and stamped from, I dont know if this is my last year's card or if it is one of the new ones she got, but it doesnt really matter...what matters is that I have it here with me...thank you so much mum!!!

And i must mention, that compared to the cards available last summer, this year, they have really gone down....pity.

the stamp is from a mixed 2008 issue, containing 3 stamps.

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