Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Versatile Blogger Award!

I was sort of speechless when I found out I was nominated for this by my dear friend Zarah at her Postcardscrossing blog. Ive never been given such an award before, at least not that i know of, so when I found this out I felt both honoured and thrilled! Thank you so much amiga!

well, here it is:

and there are some rules that have to be met once you receive this:

* Be sure to thank and link back to the person who gave you the award.
* Share 7 things about yourself.
* Pass the award to other bloggers who you think deserve it.
* Be sure to let the bloggers know you chose them to receive the award.

well, number 1 is done, so let's go to number 2....uhmmm...7 things...i was wondering what was it that i could let you know about which, first, is not something you already know (or at least not something the majority of you knows), second, something that wont be boring and third, something that wont make you go run away and never come back to this blog again....well, if you are ready to know a bit more about Ana, you can keep on reading :P

1. Im an only child and ive always felt sad coz of that. Despite the fact that ive been told many times that im lucky coz i dont have a brother or sister to argue with and that I could get everything I wanted without worrying I will have to share it with someone, reality is actually different. When I was little, I literally begged my mum to adopt me an older brother :P And I dont think Ive ever been self-centred and selfish and demanding as those stereotypical theories claim only-children to be.

2. Im an anti-smoker...a big of the most annoying things I cant stand and which get me frustrated is the smoke of cigarettes and I always argue with people around me who smoke and dont pay much attention to those around them, if it is bothering them or no. Im GRATEFUL to this law they adopted here with which they ban smoking in the cafe's and all places of the closed kind. Life feels so much better :)

3. Im not a vegan, but I only like fish and chicken products...pork, lamb, beef..and my face immediately gets this *ughhh* expression :) Not fond of Fast Food either. And yes, I do love animals.

4. Im a female, but i HATE shopping. The thought of having to go shopping makes me cringe! :P Really...if you need company of someone to assist you in what to buy and to be there when you try clothes on, trust me, im the last person you should call :) I hate having to go from store to store, to look at things, to try them on and so on and so on...when I need to buy something, I usually have one or two stores in mind, go straight there and hopefully get what I need....or I just happen to pass by a shop and see something I like, I buy it or come later to buy it. When being abroad for example, i am the only one who doesnt go with the group of ladies shopping...i go my own way - music/book THERE i can spend an entire day without feeling bored for one second. Oh yeah, I love huge supermarkets too with lots and lots and lots of different food :D

5, I suffer from low blood pressure, hence i often feel sleepy...esp. on cloudy days or when the weather gets changeable, i just feel uselees and incapable to do anything as needed. Im also short-sighted but wear glasses only when going to the theatre or cinema

6. I am an anti-music talent. I LOVE music and often wish i could sing or play the guitar but unfortunately thats not for me. When i was in first year of high school, at the music class there was a recruitment for new people for the school choir so everyone had to sing a small piece according to the piano accords the teacher would play. So my turn came, i sang the part and the teacher asked me 'have you ever sung in a choir'? ; me - no; teacher - well, you never will. So there you go :)

7. I collect mugs...I have no room to keep them, yet I keep buying more...I have around 170 right now...I think I would sooner or later need a separate room where I could keep my mugs, postcards, letters, books and CD's :)

well, i think that 7 is not enough, but I guess you shouldnt get too much info about me at once :P

as for who to pass this too...well, I was thinking about it, and this is a tricky thing coz the last thing I would want is to make someone feel neglected or accidentally forget someone. So, if Im your follower, you have more or less regular updates, have written something in the past few weeks and you DO write texts and stories and information at your blog, and we are more or less in touch one way or another, then im handing this over to YOU. And just to mention a few, in no particular order:

dear Bea with her Penpalling and Letters, Glenn and his great postcard blog, Chris and his Wild Postcards (Zarah already nominated him for the Girls go Postal, so im giving him the other one ;), Dani with her current China adventures, Maggie who so selflessly helps me with deciphering Japanese stamps,  Anu and her lovely postcard blog, the generous and kind Heather and her so many lovely postcards, my dear Marta with her postcards (she esp. loves UNESCO in case you can help her), my very dear friend Chrissy whom I really miss talking to...

If you have a postcard blog I dont know of, let me know about it :)

So, if you are in the mood and feel like sharing some bits and pieces of your life, you can play. If not, I still wholeheartedly give you this award :)

Thanks a lot again Zarah!

Hugs to everyone!


Vagirl said...

Congratulations! You soooo deserve this award and I'm so happy for you that you received it.
Your blog is the best!!! When I first started to read it, it made me want to have one and it inspired me to try it, even though I was quite inadequate at it. Even now, I still run into problems from time to time with postings and things.
Thank you Ana and a big hug to you!

Dani said...

wow!!! прво честитики за наградата..супер заслужена!!!
морам да признаам дека и ја се изнанадив кога се прочитав. Јухууу..
this is my first blogger award too.

Xie xie so much!!!

Имаш разгледница за овоа. :)

Vagirl said...

Wow me, I don't know what to say??? I'm honored to receive this award, especially from you my dear friend. I really have to do much better to feel that I deserve this!
Anaaaa, thank you so very much for picking me. You're too kind!
Big hug to you too my friend!
(Still in shock)

Sreisaat said...

Hi Ana! Thank you for playing this tag and I really love to know you more and with this, I can see our similarities. If only distance is not a problem, I would be glad to go with you to bookstores! I remember the first time I went to Kuala Lumpur and the first two places I went to are the post office and the Kinokuniya bookstore*lol* I am near-sighted (is this the same with short-sighted) but am too lazy to wear my prescription glasses. I tried contact lens, too, but couldn't be bothered putting them on and taking them off... then the same cycle again the following day. One more thing, I am the eldest in the family, and didn't really like being the eldest. When I was younger, I was secretly wishing I had an older brother or sister. Like you, I also like music but music doesn't like me back =(

Hugs and thanks again for doing this, Ana =) =)

Postcards Crossing

Dani said...

За број 2 и 4 се слагам апсолутно..:)