Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Vegetables in jars

Dear Erin sent me this lovely of the lovely Nouvelles Images..this time representing you something so typical for this time of year...some vegetables in a jar!
I say typical, coz people are making their winter supplies right now, something we call туршија.. in English I think the right word would be 'brine'. In many Macedonian homes you can find jars and jars of brine in their many vegetables at one place..tomatoes, peppers, pickles, carrots....not a vegetable lover, so im not fond of eating it...but looking at it in jars like this, looks so appealing :))))

Speaking of so-called winter food...I dont know if you had tried Ajvar....but if you come to Macedonia, there is NO way you leave without tasting it, and without a jar or two to take back with you home :)
I used to totally dislike this....but got hooked on it some years ago...i wonder how could've i avoided something so delicious for so long!
If you are curious to read what's ajvar, you can read more about it here.

Merci beaucoup Erin! Ill keep a jar of ajvar for you! :)


Anonymous said...

We say 'pickle', not just for the vegetables. 'I'm pickling my carrots'.

Rango said...

хехе, читам шта пишеш.... ја богме волим и туршију и ајвар и све укисељено у теглу. једноставно сад слиједи моје доба године :)

Ana said...

да ти пошаљем неку теглу домаћег македонског ајвара...прсте да полижеш :))))))))