Thursday, October 21, 2010

Texas, USA

One rather humourous card for the end...

So if you ever wondered what the wardrobe of a Texas person looked like, here is the answer :)
They obviously dont have the problem of variety and wondering what to wear today...and they are all in such different colours and patterns that you can match them with all sorts of different clothes and look fresh and modern every day...not just of the week, but of the month too :)

well, i really like the touch of humour this card has..ive heard that some people can actually get offended coz they feel this card ridicules the Texas people...I guess as many different persons, as many different a person who enjoys sarcasm and doesnt get in the negative context unless really intended to be so...and same goes for this card....i just see it as a funny, teasing way....with no intention to harm or offend anyone...if someone does feel that way due to my card posted here, my apologies...that's really not my intention at all neither it has crossed my mind...that's just my sense of humour...

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