Friday, October 15, 2010


A very nice official card! Well, map cards are never bad cards :)


Funny thing about the will probably need to zoom-in to see it...but here, as Austria's neighbours you have JUGOSLAWIEN and TSCHECHOSLOWAKEI.....ok....this is really this postcard publishers know since when both of these countries have stopped existing??? Beginning of the 90's....last century...thats almost 20 years! 
I dont believe that the card itself is that old coz it is of really good quality and in great condition and this map card is a rather popular one among map-card collectors so it's not like me having a unique vintage piece of it...but it would have been nice if someone could at least correct these non-existent places on Earth.... 

the stamp on the left was issued in 2007 as one of the 5 flower stamps (this one is the Scotch Laburnum)...while the other stamp is from 2008, representing Manner - a line of confectionery from the Austrian conglomerate, Josef Manner & Comp AG, founded in 1890, whose production among else, includes wafers, long-life confectionery, chocolate-based confectionery, sweets, cocoa and a variety of seasonal products.

Yumm yumm yummie! Here if im not mistaken, Neapolitan wafers are shown..something this company is most known for.
My dad is extremely fond of Neapolitan wafers from all types...i think he even prefers them to chocolate.

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Marcie said...

Yes, the card was still sold with the wrong countries last year...You might be relieved to know that they changed the names of the neighbouring countries meanwhile! Now it's Slovenia, Czech Republic and Slovakia. Want to get the updated version? Let me know!