Friday, September 24, 2010

Yangon, Myanmar

Hello hello! And kicking off today with a card from Myanmar!! Ok, before you go green of envy, let me tell you that the card aint written and stamped....the sender didnt want to take that chance due to a number of security reasons the postal service goes through when someone sends a huge number of cards (and you can imagine what a huge interest for Myanmar it might have been!) But sent in an envelope like this, works perfectly fine for me right now....I will get the written and stamped version one day...I think that even the unwritten versions are not seen so often around :)

The card in particular shows the floating Karaweik Restaurant on Kandawgyi (Royal) Lake and is one of the landmarks of Yangon (former capital of Myanmar). This modern architecture was named after a sacred mythological bird and was constructed in 1972. This whole building was gilded with gold about 20 years ago.

I think it looks rather impressive!

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