Saturday, September 11, 2010

Sabah, Malaysia

The closure for today will be with another fantastic map card which came as a lovely surprise from dear Caroline.

The card shows the Sabah state, and the colours distinguish places where you have Parks, Wildlife Reserves, Virgin Jungle Reserves, Protection Forest Reserves and a Lower Kinabatangan Wildlife Sanctuary.

Ive been trying to count my cards lately, and ive come to a conclusion that so far i have acquired 293 map cards, and a rough estimation of over 2600 cards in total....which aint bad, aint bad at all...I just have a feeling that the postman has been avoiding me lately...or at least doesnt come as often as he used to...something should be done about it :)


Gem from Calgary said...

Ana, we don't ant your mailbox too empty. Guess I'll just have to drop you a train car, a map card or a lighthouse card more often. Or if none of those are available, any postcard.

Gem from Calgary said...

Wow, 2600 postcards. Outstanding. My 1476 seems just a drop in the bucket .Congrats.

Dani said...

wow!!! 2600 е одлична бројка. Ти треба посебно катче а?
Мислам дека треба малку да го подмитеш поштарчето. Кафенце ово оно. ;)

Потрагата инаку трае. Попатните книжари ги проверувам и од старт вика таа, нема од дека тоа ти текна.
Знам кај има, ама си викам чек може и на друго место. Тука дека ни странци, па не се нешто потресуват околу разгледници. ;)

Ај убав ден!

Ana said...

ha ha ha, thank you to both of you for taking care of my mailbox :)

I was also surprised at the number of 2600...coz less than two years ago I had less than 1000, so I guess Ive been working hard on the issue, plus had some great people from all over the world who just loved to surprise me when I least expect to which Im more than thankful all know who you are ;)