Friday, September 24, 2010

Great Southern Rail, Australia

An update wouldnt be an update if there is no train card to bother you with :D


And this fantastic maxi card came as an official from Australia (boy, I love the 'official' people who pay attention to someone's wishes).
The card shows the Great Southern Railway (GSR), which operates interstate passenger trains aimed at the tourist market:
The Indian Pacific (Sydney-Adelaide-Perth)
The Ghan (Adelaide-Alice Springs-Darwin)
The Overland (Melbourne-Adelaide)
The Southern Spirit (various routes from November 2008)

The Ghan, Indian Pacific and Overland were operated until 1997 by Australian National Railways. As a Government enterprise, it was always unprofitable. The Australian Commonwealth sold ANR Passenger and Freight in 1997. GSR took over the operation of the Indian Pacific, The Ghan and The Overland passenger trains, and has operated them profitably since that time. Costs were reduced by renegotiating staff pay and conditions, and by extending the Ghan, which originally ran from Adelaide to Alice Springs, so that it ran once each week from Sydney and once each week from Melbourne. With completion of the railway from Alice Springs to Darwin, the Ghan now runs from Adelaide to Darwin. While GSR owns the passenger car fleet, Pacific National provides hook and pull (locomotive haulage) services.
The Southern Spirit is a luxury cruising train service, launched by Great Southern Railway on 17 June 2008, with the inaugural service running on 25 November 2008

Ahhhh, I wanna go I wanna go!!!!

Btw, due to some assignments lately, I had to attend this office, which believe it or not has a direct view onto the railway tracks which come in and out of the Main Railway Station in Skopje! Do you know what a feeling it is to be able to watch the trains from so close?!  I wonder what was the impression the people got, who noticed the absolute fascination in my eyes and the way I stared at the trains and followed them as they were moving along....

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Heather said...

I have two others from this series if you wanna swap for one of them! I've got the ghan and the kuranda scenic railway left. I'm not too worried if you dont want to, just thought I'd say I have them if you're interested!