Sunday, September 19, 2010

Eyjafjallajökull, Iceland

After some silence, here I am again...stuck into some period of chaos and uncertainties...hence the fact i havent had the chance nor time to post here for a week...i cant tell how things are  gonna develop in the future, but for today ill post a bit more cards than usual...not coz i wanna catch/make up...but i just have really some nice cards to show.

First one comes from Iceland....a card I was more than lucky enough to win in a lottery! And it shows that (in)famous Eyjafjallajökull volcano, of which im pretty sure you have all heard about...I dont think there is a person who is mail-involved, that hadnt heard about this since your mail was rather delayed...if you had to travel somewhere during this time, there is a great chance you were stranded at some airport...and some business wouldnt have been business if out of this, people didnt think of a way to earn money....this volcano became so popular (even though the majority of people cant pronounce it properly) that it had to be put on postcards, and postcard collectors had to have it! Me as well...and it finally came as a great surprise!
Ha ha, this card is so lovely that it is hard to believe this volcano is capable of being guilty for so much troubles all over :)

there is even a matching stamp, issued this year, in a set of 3 stamps, showing volcanoes of course :)

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