Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Believe it or not, but Thailand can be considered a rare country in my collection...I realized that just now and I think that it is Taiwan actually which is more popular postcard-wise.

I got this lovely map card from dear Sissel from her recent trips. You know, I think that the richest people in the world arent the one who have the most money but the ones who have actually travelled a lot and who get to speak many different languages. I think I am on the edge of survival on that scale just that I am not eligible to apply for any sort of social help :)

Apart from the map, the card shows several other places in Thailand and according to the numbers (they can be seen on each picture) this is what you have:

1. Phromthep Cape, Phuket.
2. The Big Buddha, Samui
3. Chicken Island, Krabi (The shape of this one reminds you of something, doesnt it?)
4. Pattaya Bay, Chomburi
5. Ko Chang National Park, Trat
6. James Bond Island, Phang Nga

A few of these places have really gotten my interest in them, and would love to talk more of each....so if anyone can send me a postcard of number 2, 3 and 6, I would be really happy :)

At times like this, my lack of movie knowledge expands a lot...I had no idea there was a James Bond island...in fact, I had never watched a James Bond movie....I know many of you are now in awe....sorry :)
Im more of a music addict and a book-worm....and movies a.k.a James Bond have never really fascinated me.

Sissel used a very nice stamp. It is from a set of 10 issued in 2008 representing Mountains as tourist attractions in Thailand, and here you can see the Phu Khao Hin Pakarang.

Takk Sissel!!!

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Dani said...

wow!!! дефинитивно ќе добиеш разгледница од тајланд. На листата е за места кои мора да се посетат.