Thursday, August 19, 2010

Lofoten, Norway

There was this song, Save the best for last.....ahh, my beloved Norway!

And look at this fantastic if Norway could offer a bad view at all :)
The card shows the Revsvik cave with cave painting in Moskenesøy, Lofoten. (Moskenesøy is an island while Lofoten refers to the district/region if im not mistaken...)
Sometimes i just feel that my entire Norwegian collection of postcards is so much beauty at one place. I may have said this before but, out of all my postcards, the Norwegian collection is the one im most proud of...I really have to go there one would be such a pity if i dont after so much talking and so many sighs and amdiration...

there are two stamps on the card, both from 2010. The left one was issued in a set of 6 stamps representing National Tourist Routes, where on this one you can see Gamle Strynefjellsveien. While the other stamp is dedicated to Eurovision and shows Alexander Rybak!! Ahhh, the sweet adorable Rybak! Such a charming guy with so much charisma!
Uhmm, I know ive been sort of demanding lately, but it just happens spontaneously as I write about the if anyone happens to have a postcard with Rybak, can you please think of me? Thank you :)

Thats all folks!

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conscioushours said...

Such a beautiful card! Lol I didn't even know there are Alexander Rybak stamps xD