Sunday, August 29, 2010

Jiu Zhai Gully, China

A beautiful postcard I got from my friend Dani.....

....and this post is dedicated to her as well, in order to wish her a safe trip to China and lots of luck and happy moments in the following 300 and something days. Ahhh China....such a vast place...worth to be seen....hopefully one day...if we get the chance to visit Dani :)
The card shows the Nuorilang waterfall. It is a marvellous scene in Jiu Zhai Gully, about 100 metres in width, the widest waterfall in China.
Few months ago at one of the cultural events here, I watched this documentary film, called "The last train home", which had won among else, the Best Documentary Feature at 2009 IDFA. While the majority of the people I was with were bored, I was fascinated with the movie...first of all it featured travels by train which lasted several days...and not one of those comfy ones. Second, it brought into perspective some fascinating views in China, presented their culture, their people and their struggle to make ends meet...a really sad and touching movie, which brings you the reality of THIS China and it makes you both angry and full of admiration

Here is the trailer, for whomever might be interested....personally, I highly recommend it

Have a safe trip will be missed....and keep in touch! <3


Dani said...

First of all, THANK YOU so much.
Мило ми е што вака се најдовме на разгледничка бранова должина.
Да се спастрам у собичката одма добиваш рагледница. Инаку интересно е што у Тјенџин, кај шо ќе бидам, ИЧ не беа популарни разгледниците. Никаде ги нема. Ама јас ги научив кај се. На една тезга на земја, на едно фино пазарче. :)

Можда Пекинг има повеќе, не знам.

Филмов ќе гледам да го најдам. Ова беше во чаршијата?

Фала ти ептен.
Убав останок на тебе, и ако ти се пруже шанса, да се видеме во Кина. Или на турнеја низ Сибир.

Убав почеток на работната година. Малку работа а многу пари. ;)

Airforce family cabral said...

now this postcard is amazing. it shows the place very well. i fell in love when i saw it.