Saturday, July 24, 2010

Rethymno, Greece

A lovely card that came as a surprise from dear Earney!

It shows a lovely view of the old Venetian port in the city of Rethymno, which is situated on the island of Crete. And if you hadnt noticed, there is a lighthouse on it too, just a bit farther in the background, so it may take a while to spot least I didnt see it at first :)
Ahh, holidays...sea...sun....on one hand posting cards like this makes me realize how much I yearn to be on the beach...on the other hand, I really dont feel like posting winter scenes or so, just for the sake of not to post holiday-related cards...Im gonna live, either way :)

And here is the eternal problem of mailing cards from Greece to me...the hatred of Postal Workers takes its toll and makes my cards look like this in the end, the name of Macedonia all doodled over, with a red pen...well, to whomever did this, it was a pretty lousy job to achieve what you wanted, since the name of Macedonia is still perfectly visible...the only thing you managed to do was destroy my card, for nothing.

"Σας ευχαριστώ"!!!!

As for the stamp, it is from a set of 10 stamps from 2008, showing Greek Islands, and this is the island of Kos.

Thank you very much Earney!


Sreisaat said...

That is so infuriating, Ana! It's a private property and by erasing it with a red pen is like destroying your property. If postal workers did this, they should be immediately fired!

Ana said...

this is a standard issue with this postal worker would rather be promoted than fired
And anyways, they have been destroying my mail ever since 1993...unless instead of Macedonia, FYROM is stated

I dont know if you are familiar with the dispute we are having with Greece, but basically, they deny the name of Macedonia, the identity of Macedonian people, language and in general, they deny the overall existence...I dont wanna get into political issues here, but here is just a few stuff, whenever you have the time to take a look at it

however, in Greeks eyes, and those supporting Greece, things and history are totally different...though their claims are totally absurd and they never talk for example of the Exodus of Macedonians from Greece for example...

Sreisaat said...

Ana, I am really saddened and outraged about this political issues that are really destroying many nations and people. I read a thing or two about the Greece-Macedonia history back in school and was very limited. I;ll have a look at the links you provided, thank you.
I remember a chat I had with Tomi (from Croatia) and we both agreed that if tolerance and respect to one another, regardless of race and/or of historical past and political affiliations, are put at the forefront of international relations, then, the possibility of achieving peace is there.
I wish they would just stop doing this, aggravating or provoking, starting with the mails :)

conscioushours said...

Beautiful postcard and stamp! :) I hadn't heard about this issue before, but it's really weird, almost funny... As you said, Macedonia is still clearly visible, so I don't what's the point in this. But luckily they don't mess the picture, I heard that can happen in some countries.