Saturday, July 24, 2010


A lovely Luxembourg map card I received as a surprise from Tina!!

Looking at the card, I actually get an idea of how big Luxembourg is..well, I just always have this idea that Luxembourg equals to places like Monaco or San Marino, but it is indeed much much bigger..2,586 km2 to be more precise.
And here you have a nice division of the Luxembourg cantons, 12 in total, and these cantons are further divided into 116 communes..btw, above the cantons are the 3 districts...well, thats a whole lot of divisions for a small country like this...

and here comes the stamp, which shows that this card was mailed from Luxembourg directly :)
It was issued in 2009, representing Classical Architecture.

Hvala ti TIna!!!


Sreisaat said...

Okay, I am drooling over this one! Mapcards are a favorite so I'm getting green-eyed whenever you receive one :P

Ana said...

ha ha dont wanna know then the number and kind of map cards that are still waiting to be posted :P

Sreisaat said...

Ulk!! There's more?!?!?!
Waaaaaaaaaah! *lol*