Thursday, July 1, 2010

Bohinj, Slovenia

I dont know why all the cards showing Bohinj have to be sooo breathtaking!

You can make a quick comparison with my two other Bohinj cards, here and here.
And this card itself is also so outstanding coz of its panoramic view....ahh, fantastisch!
It is said that compared to Bled, Bohinj is not so crowded with tourists and the atmosphere here is very peaceful and tranquil....just perfect for someone like me who hates crowds.

and some very lovely stamps as well....both issued in 2009. The blue one is a greeting stamp, called "Kiss", while the yellow one is from an issue of 4 Fauna stamps and this one shows a Stag Beetle.

1 comment:

conscioushours said...

Fantastic view! And I love that blue stamp, got a similar one on a card from Slovenia :)