Sunday, June 27, 2010

Torres, Brazil

A very nice card that came as a surprise from Sandro....ahh, i so much long to be at some beach right the ocean, by the sea....or even by the lake...just as long as im out of here....

The card shows Ilha dos Lobos, or the Fur Sea Island, which is the smallest ecological reserve in Brazil. Every winter fur seals and sea lions come from Patagonia (Argentina) to stay at Ilha dos Lobos. It is located on the Atlantic coast of Torres.
In case you decide to come here, you should know that this place is protected by federal laws and visitors are not allowed to disembark without authorization.

Since I mentioned Patagonia...Im still in in hope that someday I will receive a postcard showing this fantastic place...I just love it!

there are two nice stamps on the card...the left one was issued in 2004 in a set of 5, representing paintings by Candido Portinari, one of the most important Brazilian painters, while the other stamp was issued in 2009, in a set of 6 stamps, representing Exuberant Brazilian birds....the one here is called Paroaria coronata

muito obrigado Sandro!! And i still sooo much admire your handwriting!

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