Monday, June 21, 2010

Tallinn, Estonia

21st June apart from being the first day of summer, is also the day with the longest daytime. Well here is one card especially dedicated to 2st of June
In Tallinn, the northern part of the sky doesnt get completely dark during nights from the 10th of May until the 2nd of August, but the time of "white nights" - the time when the whole sky stays luminous even at midnight (except if it is very cloudy) - begins in the last days of May and lasts until the middle of July. In summer, the astronomical midnight (the darkest time of the night) in Tallinn is at 1.21am (timezone GMT+ 3). Nights are the brightest for about 10 days before and after summer solstice (21 June)
This phenomenon has fascinated me since i was a some countries have months of daylight only and then months of darkness...though im not sure id prefer the total daylight time, since im more a night kind of person.

Speaking of the first day of the was soooo summerish here....raining all day long and just freezing...crazy....last week i was melting in the unbearable heat and now we have something that feels like late late autumn...but ok, i rather have this than the last week's 40 degrees....I just wish it didnt rain too often coz I need to go to the PO sometimes :)

As for the card itself, it portrays the St. Olaf's Church at midsummer midnight.
This church is nowadays 123.7m high. From 1549 to 1625, when the upper part of its tower was higher than today, St. Olaf's church was the tallest building in the world, 159m.

the stamp is from the EUROPA's astronomy issue of 2009.
Well I received this card last year but since I was out of town, I couldnt post it on the exact date, and felt it was inappropriate to post it at any other here it is now!

And im really sorry for posting just one card today but im really in no state of mind to post more...after yesterday's events im still in some sort of utter disbelief of everything that happened, and im really out of focus. No no, its nothing bad...actually yesterday was sooo damn good that today, reality feels so depressing ...I wish i could have days like yesterday more often...they really bring me to life....

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