Monday, June 7, 2010


Well, since the latest events are calling for it, here comes a Spanish post....and *cough cough cough*....yeah, a bit more ramblings about Rafa....sorry :)

But I am soooo happy, that I just have to give this event a significance. Mr. Nadal won Roland Garros!!! Again!! For the 5th time!!! (If he didnt have the problems he had last year, I think right now I would probably say that he won it for the 6th time...but well, thats how it is).
Well, apart from winning Roland Garros, he also regaind the 1st place on the ATP South African Rankings!!! Wohoooooooooooo!!! That calls for a double celebration!! And one more thing I must mention is that throughout the entire RG tournament, Rafa didnt drop a SINGLE set! He won all the matches by 3:0!!
The final match itself maybe wasnt of the greatest quality...was tense at times but not as much as plenty of other matches ive seen....but at least it was Nadal who won. I feel sorry for Soderling....he lost the final here last year....and Nadal told him today he was sorry and that he had played his best tennis so that he could beat him...and he did! I was honestly rather scared, coz it was Soderling last year who stood in Rafa's way and eliminated him in the first rounds....something I think was a shock for everyone, coz it was RG we were talking about, it was clay....but eventually we realized that the disappointments would follow throughout the year....thats how he lost his number one ranking and eventually fell to number 4! But *knock on wood*...this season Rafa has been playing his best tennis, and im really happy coz of that and really proud of him!

Well Rafa is actually from Mallorca, Manacor, but unfortunately i dont have a postcard related to it (or i might have overlooked it), so I decided to post a card with the map of entire Spain, where you can also have a glimpse where Manacor is is on the right side of the map, between Ibiza and Menorca. So thats where Rafa home...unlike many other sports' players who eventually move to some more fancy place, like Monte Carlo for example.

and here is a nice interview, taken sometime during RG 2010

And the second card was sent written and stamped, so it would be a pity to neglect the stamps. The one on the left is from a set of 4 issued in 2009, representing Renewable Energy Sources, this one shows Hydro.
The other stamp is also from 2009, showing a butterfly.


ZeeJay said...

Ana, you beat me into writing a Rafa-related post in the wake of his winning the RG! But anyways, all I want to say is that I believed in his words in one interview - "Be calm. I am going to win." And he did win all three sets in a convincing fashion. Yes, he had a lot of errors and double faults, but I think he's made up his mind to win RG the fifth time! As he told Robin, he played his best tennis to beat Robin. Wise words, eh? Vamos, vamos, Rafa!
I'll be posting mine a little later today, I have it already in draft but I want to sit down and take my own sweet time to finish it :D

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Ana said...

soooorryyyy :))))) I just wanted to do mine before going to sleep and as you said, i had my sweet time writing it....but as you can see, great minds think alike again :P