Monday, June 7, 2010

Grand Prix, Monaco

I have several cards from Monaco, so this one shouldnt be such a thing to be proud of....unless this card was actually sent written and stamped from Monaco itself!!

Yess yess yess!! Exactly! All the Monaco cards I have are actually cards I bought myself when I went there, and of course, i didnt even think to send one to myself....coz back then honestly i didnt pay so much attention about whether the card would be blank or sent written and stamped from the country of origin. But if nowadays I went to some rare country (rare in the terms of mail-wise), I think i kill just to mail a postcard with a stamp and a cancellation from 'the face of the place' :P
The card itself is perfect too...shows a map of the Grand Prix circuit! Even though I havent been following the F1 event this year, i still love F1 related cards. And I just checked....this year's Monaco event was held on 16th May, with Mark Webber from RBR-Renault being the winner, Vettel, also from RBR- Renault had come second, while the third place had gone to Kubica from Renault.
I also checked now the overall results (yeah, I am totally OFF from this year's F1), and Webber seems to be holding the 1st position, but the points within the first 5 places seem to be rather close. Im curious to see who's gonna grab the title in the end.
What just really surprises me is that the so much praised champion, Mr. Michael Schumacher, is 9th in the overall standings....whoah! Now thats something I didnt expect to happen, but I guess the competition did its job.
Funny thing is, Ive realized that a number of other devoted-to-the-core F1 fans, have given up on it this something is really wrong in the F1 world.

And, the stamp couldnt be more perfect! It was issued this year and it is dedicated to the Monte-Carlo Rolex Masters tennis tournament which this year was held 10-18th April. And do you know who claimed the title?? Uhmm? uhm? uhm??? Oh yesss....Rafael Nadal! And not only he claimed the title, but he also set a record, becoming the first player in the open era to win this tournament 6 times in a row! You see how great Nadal is?

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viridian said...

I agree- grat card and stamp.