Friday, May 7, 2010

What Nerves?

Really, WHAT nerves????

A very self-explanatory card....and soooo self-depicting at the moment....remember my attempt to give up on coffee???? Well, it has so much gone to hell that i nowadays drink coffee like crazy in order to get through all these crazy deadlines im running after....and my nerves....nerves? what nerves??

Anne Taintor cards just perfectly match my sense of wonder i so much love them :)

Wooohoooo! Cant believe it that i actually MANAGED to make an update! And it feels soooooo good and so refreshing and I just feel soooo bad for not being able to do it more often honestly starving to post a bunch of great cards here.....but I guess it will go rather slow this time....and when will our next meeting be.....arghh, i really dont know....but i do hope it wont take another 3 weeks till then :)


adobe said...

Coffee doesn't really give me "nerves." I drink it for the taste. It amazes me that some people drink plain hot water. No, not me...

Ana said...

I love coffee for the taste too...and for that moment when i feel it running down my throat...however, coffee also gives me the mood...and I am thankful to it for that :)