Friday, May 21, 2010

Leersum, The Netherlands

I have a friend in the Netherlands who sometimes pays such surprises to my mailbox that we are both speechless (my mailbox and I)

He twice sent me batches of postcards, all different, representing different parts in the Netherlands. This time I collected the postcards he sent me from Leersum and decided to put them here all together and represent you different parts of the case i had missed a card, will show it to you some other time.
Anyways...the first card shows the Uilentoren, which means "Owl Tower".According to this witty comment, supposedly J.K.Rowling came up with her idea for homing owls right here :D Couldnt help it...that one made me laugh so i had to post it :))

This card shows Buitenplaats which most probably was a summer retreat for the rich big city merchants, built in the days when Netherlands was still a colonial power.
Yup Sietse, you got that one right, *thumbs up*

Here you see the entrance to a 14th century manor called Zuylestein which is unique to the Netherlands and has remained intact in its original Renaissance  style.

This one shows the Saint Michael's Church in Leersum, but unfortunately, thats the only thing i know to share with you, and either way, it is obvious by itself, since it is written on the card.

And since three of these cards contained different stamps, I am of course, putting them all.
The first two come from a set of 6 stamps issued in 2009 representing Senior People.

The famous priority Eurocent Nederland stamp, issued in a set of 2 in 2009 (im quite happy with these sorts of stamps when i can distinguish in which year they were issued since they come out every year and can be rather confusing.

And the last two stamps...the one on the left is a Christmas stamp issued in 2009 in a set of 10, while the other one is from 2008 from a set of 10, under the title Think Green Act Green, of course, representing the protection of the environment.

Thanks Sietse for all the great cards....and sorry that this time it is *me* who is very late in sending something she had promised...but I do hope to get back on track soon...hopefully during next week

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