Thursday, April 1, 2010


Where does the time fly?!  Before I am even aware of it, it's almost a week since my last update!

Well, I really had to make one today, despite all this unfinished work i have...coz today i got such amazing mail that i still feel speechless. I mean, i had received amazing mail before too, but it rarely happens that i receive it in such amounts and that all thats inside is just so perfect that it makes me wanna cry.
And I think it arrived on a perfect day, since until Tuesday we have these non working days, meaning, no-mail days, and if i didnt get anything today, i would have gotten EXTREMELY cranky by Tuesday....
Another problem occurred...with such a bunch of fabulous cards I had received not only today but in the past weeks as well, I just cant seem to decide what to post! I want to post it all! And i have even received new countries but I was soooo super excited over all of them, that when i was making my choice today, i just couldnt decide between any of them, so decided to go with something older for a first post, but yet considered rare (at least for me) since I dont have many Singaporean cards left...only one actually.

Well, as the card says, here are shown the Malay Heritage Centre (which portrays the heritage, culture and hostory of Malay Singaporeans) and the Sultan Mosque, which is considered as one of the most important mosques in Singapore where the prayer hall and domes highlight the mosque's star features.

there are two very nice stamps on the card, both issued in 2009. The stamp on the right is from an issue of 7 stamps portraying sculptures (at first glance i honestly thought it was a banana), while the other stamp is from a set of 5, representing deserts...........does water come to your mouth as well?

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