Saturday, April 3, 2010

Alaska, USA

One of the greatest official cards I had ever received and also one of the most beautiful maps i have seen.

I really cant give an exact explanation of why this card so much fascinates me, but there is some warmth and radiance coming out of it that simply captures is simply PERFECT! And to make the perfection even better, it actually shows Alaska....and you know that out of all the US states, i have a soft spot for Alaska :)
Polly, the sender, says that Alaska was one of the most beautiful countries she had ever seen and that the icebergs were actually blue!

ahh, pure beauty! And i just cant tell you how immensly happy i am that someone who got my address at random, to whom i am a total stranger, sent me this!

i think you know the stamp well enough by now ;) showing the Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming, issued in 2009

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