Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Simão Pereira, Brazil

The last card for today comes from Brazil, showing a cemetery. I dont get cards like this often, but as you know, I really love them.

My fascination with graves and cemeteries is hard to explain and to many it sounds morbid probably, but to me it is something which represents a link between two worlds, a link to the unknown and mystical and unexplained....
The card shows the Rocinha da Negra cemetery in the city of Simão Pereira. The cemetery is the last vestige of the allotment of Paraibuna, commonly called the Black Rocinha. It is located in Cabu Country Club.
(google translate was used there :))

three nice stamps....the big bird one is from 2009, from a set of 6 stamps, representing Exuberant Brazilian birds. This is Porphyrospiza caerulescens. The stamp next to it is from 2002, from a set of 10 stamps representing music instruments. And the last and probably most familiar definitive stamp from Brazil, representing jobs, with this one issued in 2005.

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