Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Children of Guatemala, Guatemala

*Grin* *Grin* :D
 Yes, double grin today for this new country in my collection! And just wait till you see my triple grin next time :D Some of you already know, but those who dont...well, will find out soon ;)

And whats even more special about this card is that it came as an official! And you know what the odds are to get an official card from Guatemala! So of course it makes me extra-super-happy to have been so lucky and get this one :D
And its a very lovely card too! I may not be too fond of cards with people, but i do like it when they show indigenous people, esp. children....children just seem to be so honest on the postcards and with some genuine smiles, esp. when they come from some not highly developed social surroundings...and from the picture here its obvious that these children do not enjoy the greatest comforts. I think that those children who have less are much more capable to to appreciate the small things in life and the ordinary children plays, compared to the spoiled brats who have everything and who would probably pose for a postcard just to show off and so that his/her parents can brag with it as well.
But these children on the card....are just so sweet and dear....and make you feel warm around the heart when you look at them <3

and there are 3 stamps on the card, even though they may seem as two, since two of them overlap each other. They come from a set of 4 stamps issued in December 2009, representing Beaded Glass Ornaments. With the Christmas touch, of course...


smulanlovepostcards said...

Very special card & nice stamps too!!:)You´re lucky!

Postcards Crossing said...

Wow, Guatemala! I haven't had any postcard from any of those South American countries yet. I love your new blog template, by the way :D