Sunday, March 21, 2010


Well as you could notice, this blog has "suffered" some outlook changes. Ive been wanting to do it for a long time now, but either i couldnt find a nice template or in most cases, it was impossible to arrange the widgets properly, and the page just looked messy with things overlapping each other.
With the coming of spring, i really liked this template and feels cheerful and happy as well...the other template just felt soooo plain that it was so much annoying me. But there you go, finally it happened.
Im not sure if i will keep this one permanently....might switch to something else if i find it much more appealing or interesting, and if i manage to make the settings work (playing with html can be fun, but frustrating as well:))
Well for now i do like it how it looks and the positive energy it has....hope you like it too :)
Will come back with some cards later hopefully


Chris Overstreet said...

Spring has sprung on my blog, too. The first day of spring, yesterday, was the perfect spring day. Today is chilly with thunderstorms. What's up with that?

ilyani said...

the first thing I like about blogging is to go crazily trying out different theme/layouts (before choosing the best one) and playing with the codes! :P afterward comes the writing :P I love your layout here, cute and bright :D

In case you havent noticed from the forum, I've moved my postcards blog to ever since I have gotten my own dot net a while ago ;) so that I can play with features and themes even more!