Saturday, March 20, 2010

Copenhagen, Denmark

For a long long time I had this card in my favourites!  I couldnt believe it a few days ago when I found it in my mailbox!!!! Janek, you are amazing!!!!!

To me, this is probably the most fantastic Danish card I had seen, and I fell for it from the moment I laid my eyes on it almost two years ago.
There is just something really special about the card...starting from the colours...they make the image just lovely. Copenhagen itself is simply beautiful. And the greatest touch is added by the bicycles. You know how much I love bikes, and you (probably) know that one of the reasons why I love Copenhagen is coz its known as well as the Bicycle Capital City of the World...and I just love it how they are scattered on this card...yet, the owners dont really worry about them....they know they are safe. Here, they are capable to steal your bike even if its firmly locked...they made an attempt on mine once...trying to cut the chain. My dear lovely blue bike.
You know, i still cant believe it that after all this time, this card is finally MINE MINE MINE! When totally not expected even one single bit!

I think that butterflies seem to be quite often a motif for the Danish stamps. This one is from a set of 4 stamps representing Nature, issued this year.

Aitäh Janek!!!