Saturday, March 13, 2010

Happiness of the Girl with Fruit, Cambodia

A lovely card i received from my dear Zarah (who btw I hope is watching Indian Wells :))

The card is simply named as the title says "Happiness of the Girl with the Fruit".
Her smile feels so warm and genuine...while she is rowing this boat by herself which i HIGHLY doubt is an easy thing to do....moreover coz as Zarah says, underneath the brown water there are creatures to make you squirm. But she seems to have no fear and she is doing what she does with such an ease...I honestly really admire her and wish i was like her. I wonder how old she is...seems like only in her teen years to me...

And lest not forget, the fruit she has on the boat feels delicious and I would just LOVE to try it all!

The bigger stamp on top is from 2005 from a set of 5 stamps showing the Khmer Culture and this one shows the very famous Angkor Wat...the other one is a definitive issued in 2001 (from a set of 7) simply called Cambodia.
Thank You Zarah, as always!

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