Monday, March 15, 2010

Formula 1

I was wondering if i should make an F1 post at all or no....well, the decision is quite obvious.

well, this is a sort of outdated card, but probably the most appropriate one i have for the current post.
Yesterday the new F1 season officially began...and yesterday, was the first time that I actually hadnt watched it..ok, i watched the start only, and something like 5 minutes somewhere near the end...and thats it...and thats how actually this whole season ahead will be....without Raikkonen, I have no one else to wholeheartedly cheer for, and when I dont have such a favourite, I also dont have the enthusiasm to watch something.
I have the enthusiasm to watch the WRC but due to my bad timing, i had already missed that, and the next one is due in April.
I just need to make sure that I can watch it on RTL or find a free live streaming...
As for today's race from what I read, it was Ferrari who had a 1:2 win...and Im sort of glad about it, coz Masa is back after last year's accident, and also Alonso is in Ferrari...but I still cant grasp that Schumacher is back and that he is driving for Mercedes....I just dont like that even though i have no favourite driver this year, I just DONT DONT DONT want Schumacher or Hamilton to take the title....if there are drivers I cant possibly stand, its those two guys.
Oh, I like it that Pedro de la Rosa is back to F1...he was a good driver...and another news is that there are 12 teams this year, or 24 they say, the more the merrier :)

Well, i will follow the news of how the races go, and who knows, if it does seem to be interesting, i might watch it...after all, i have some circuit cards to post...they need to be used :)

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