Friday, March 5, 2010

Efjorden, Norway

My last beauty for today comes from Norway...

Efjorden (or Efjord) is one of the numerous breathtaking fjords in Norway, where you can marvel at the beautiful mountains and the crystal clear water. The Efjord bridges also present a landmark for travelers (they are 3 bridges that cross Efjorden and were built in 1969).
Unfortunately, the majority of the info on the internet is in Norwegian, so i couldnt just dig out something more..but well, this card is enough by itself to just look at it..honestly, I sometimes just cant believe it that such beauties exist on beautiful that it hurts.

the stamp was issued in 2009 and comes from a set of six self-adhesive stamps related to Tourism, where on this one you can see the Stottafjorden.

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