Sunday, February 14, 2010

Schuchye Lake, Kazakhstan

Jo sent me this card as a surprise just before she left Kazakhstan......and thanks to her, i have all my 3 Kazakhstan cards in the collection
Im still surprised to see how beautiful the Kazakh cards are. This one shows the Schuchye Lake (im still not sure if i had spelled that correctly), situated in the Northern part of the country.
The funny/odd thing is that if you go to google maps for example, it doesnt return any search results about it...on google keeps giving me reference for some Kurgan region in Russia, or about some chemical weapons destruction plant. ...I wonder if there might be some mix up (Kazakhstan borders Russia after all), or from the starters im searching for the wrong thing.
Either way, the card is still a beautiful one, and of course, any clearing up about the above issue is more than welcome

the Golden eagle stamp was issued in 2008 in a set of 4 definitives under the subject of Fauna, while the other one is from a set of 8 definitives showing Astana, which is the capital and second largest city in Kazakhstan


Anastasia said...

it must be Щучье озеро, which means Pike lake.

btw, thank you for the message:)

Gem from Calgary said...

I love that Eagle stamp. I would love one in my collection.
Take care

Alisa said...

I love postcard with wonderful and attractive colors and designs. Thanks for sharing it here. The postcard designs which I got from Postcard ninjas are more attractive and effective which I like most.

Ana said...

@ Anasty: I did come across about Pike Lake articles....who could have known :)

@ Glenn: I really dont know how to help you about the eagle stamp...Jo left Kazakhstan time in Viet Nam case you need something from Viet Nam, you can always contact her..she is always willing to help :)