Sunday, February 14, 2010

Belgrade, Serbia

As i told you last time, my next Belgrade post will be dedicated in order I ramble a bit about the concert....what, you thought i would have forgotten and spare you from it??!! He he, sorry....

well, the concert itself was great..however, i cant say the same about the journey from Skopje to Belgrade...if Tuesday was a lovely sunny warm day, Wednesday was the cold, windy one with snow! Unbelievable! Such a rapid change in 24 hours JUST when i had to get down the road on a 450km trip....i honestly dreaded we wont get there in time. On our way, it was freezing cold outside, and the more we approached Belgrade, the worse it got...a real blizzard with a strong wind and icy roads....if you just put your head outside the window, you would encounter this totally unpleasant harsh wind blow into your face, and you would just rush back inside the car. I really wonder how out of all possible days it had to get like this on this one....
We arrived in Belgrade at 8pm, just in time...for the first time im thankful that there are other bands which perform before the main one, so that we didnt miss anything....believe it or not, i even got into the first row!! My all time dream when going to concerts is to be in the first row, and so far, I didnt manage to do it in just one....well, not coz i didnt manage, but coz my friend had to stand in the middle of the hall...which while the hall was half empty, seemed ok, but once it got full, it wasnt so ok anymore.....that was a Moloko for the rest, Depeche Mode, Placebo, Massive Attack, Kosheen, Pet Shop Boys and now AIR,  had the delight of being in the very very front! Its good out of practical reasons as well...being im only 1.60, its not very convenient to stay somewhere in the back, since ill always have other people's backs in front of me, so i wont see much, or better said, I wont see anything.
As with every great concert, this one lasted too short....i wish they could play for hours and hours...they were just great on stage and for the first time I realized how awfully charismatic Jean-Benoît Dunckel is on stage.
They played some of their top songs, like Kelly watch the stars, Sexy Boy, Talisman, Remember, Venus, High School Lover.....the funny thing was, somewhere in the middle of the concert, Nicholas asked the audience if we spoke French....of course, the majority said NO...and then he said, well, since you know French, you would be able to sing the next song....are YOU ready??!! - Noooooo!!! And THEN they start playing Alpha, Beta,, you really need to know the song in order to get the joke :))

When i first got to know I was going to the concert, I planned to stay a bit more in Belgrade and meet up with Ana for some cheesecake, but as you could notice that was almost impossible...and on top of that I caught a cold....I just had to leave with some souvenir afterall

I loved AIR before the concert, but now they definitely climbed up on my favourites list.
here are some pictures i managed to take...not of the greatest quality, but I mainly blame the light for it..

Air in Belgrade

there are no good quality video shots from the Belgrade Arena, so ill just give you a few regular AIR videos.....

and here is the Alpha Beta Gaga if you know French, please sing along :)))

ok, i know you are fed up with me, but just a few words about the is a definitive from a set of 2 stamps issued in 2009 under the subject Art and Antique Objects and here you can see a ring from the 18th century.
Sorry for so much AIR, but they are definitely worth it, esp. since they are so underestimated as well

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