Thursday, January 28, 2010

Nathan Road, Hong Kong

This is actually my first received card in 2010 :)

The card is called "Neon Fantasy on Nathan Road"
This is a composite creation made up of many of the best neon signs on both sides of the harbour. Many of the sins represent some of Hong Kong;s best restaurants and night spots. The street is real and is also known as The Golden Mile.
The card is great, the street looks incredible, but in real life such places with soooo many lights flashing around are gonna give me nothing but a headache...I guess i wont be wrong if i say its a rather noisy street as well...I dont understand the majority of these signs, but i think Dani might have fun while trying to read them all and understand them....and tell me whats in here...and maybe we can go for a drink here some day :)
stamp from 2006 from a set of 16 definitives representing birds, and here is the Red Whiskered Bul Bul.

Thanks to Iris for the card, even though I told her she shouldnt be sending me one...its nice sometimes when people go against my word ;)


Dani said...

па вака пише: ајде кафе, чај, торти, колачиња, чиз кејкови оргинал од Кина...:)))))

И мене на прв поглед ме маѓепсаа боите ама ме збркаа кога само се обидов да подетално да ја ѕирнам!

морам да признаам дека имав вакво збркано чувство и таму и ужасно ми фалеа кириличните букви :(

А ние ајде на македонско кафе со чиз кејк оргинал од Соравија! ;)

Ana said...

абе тоа чизкејкот у Соравија ептен ги минијатуризирале :) Треба да најдеме негде на друго место кај прават у градов...мора да има :)
Иначе секоаш сум UP за чизкејк...не треба да ме молиш многу :)

Redka said...

I love postcards like this one :) Amazing!