Thursday, January 7, 2010

Честит Божиќ * С Рождеством * Merry Christmas me and to everyone else celebrating it today! Even though I can say we are like a minority compared to the people celebrating it on 25th December, im still glad and thankful that people DID remember I celebrate it today and expressed their kind regards. Thanks everyone!!!!
Im not in a real Christmassy mood....I think that (as ive said before) the whole euphoria goes to New Year's....and Christmas is more like a calm day, spent with your presents here at fuss...except two non working days....I really really hope dear Mr. Postman will brighten up my mailbox tomorrow....lack of mail has been making me really cranky :P

it has been a nice day....I must note that the weather outside was absolutely gorgeous! 14 degrees (yeah, few days ago we had snow...)...But it was just really nice! I also had this unfinished task to do, but I gave myself the freedom not to work today and just enjoy myself....and it felt good! Plus there is tennis :)

Today wont be a regular post day...Ill just show you the Christmas cards I had received so far....enjoy! :)

just want to point out, that cards are posted in order they were received...I dont want someone to feel wrong if his or her card is among the last or so :)

and of course, with some Christmas cards, come the Christmas stamps! I wont go into details for each and every one of them...ill just post them here for your own pleasure....and I must say that Russia never ceases to amaze me with their lovely colourful stamps! Just beautiful!!

I know there are too many images and that this post may seem über chaotic, but there was no way I could exclude any of these cards....and it only Christmas once a you'll get by :)

Once again, thanks to everyone who remembers that our Christmas is not celebrated in December, but in really means a lot to me!

Will be back with the regular posts from tomorrow on, so stay tuned!

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Katts said...

I know you are celebratin Christmas in January.But I posted all cards on the same day:)I hope you´ll forgive me:P

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