Monday, January 11, 2010

Ljubljana, Slovenia

This is my first, and so far only official from Slovenia


what I insanely love about this card is the choice of the sender...coz on this card you can actually see the monument of France Prešern...I think its not hard to guess why i so much appreciate the sender's choice here...apart from that, you can also see the Three Bridges with the Franciscan church and the Šmalc (former Hauptman) House.
I dont know if i had shared this with you before.
As some of you may know, Skopje suffered a disastrous earthquake in 1963, 26th of July..the city was immensly destroyed and many areas had to be rebuilt from the scratch, since around 80% of the city were destroyed. Many countries from all over the world (78 to be precise) gave their hand to help us, to rebuild the city, to find shelter and food for the homeless ones. All the  countries from former Yugoslavia helped as well...and the area where I live now, was helped by hence the certain Slovenian distinctions.
As for France Prešern, he was one of Slovenia's greatest poets, and I hope Ill have a chance to talk of him more in depth with some other card.

the stamp is from the flowers set of 17 stamps issued in 2007, with this one showing the Saw-wort.


Anastasia said...

so that's what France Presern means! I thought it's related to France :)

Martinha said...

I've been here, i've been here. It was 3 years ago, i think. Ljubljana is a beautiful city. It was a short stop, maybe 4 hours, but i've loved the city, because it was january 1st and the christmas lights were on.... really beautiful.
Nice card.