Monday, December 14, 2009

Kaunas, Lithuania

I like this card....has some artistic tone...and i apologize for the card not being straight... guess i didnt pay much attention during the scanning...

Its my first card of Kaunas as well...I have some Lithuanian multiview cards where Kaunas is shown among the other places, but this is my first single view of it.
Kaunas it Lithuania's second largest city and a former temporary capital as well.
How the city got the name according to one of the legends:

Kaunas was established by Romans in ancient times. The head of this Romans group was the patrician Palemon, who had three sons: Barcus, Kunas and Sperus. Palemon went away from Rome, because he feared emperor Neron. So, he with his sons and other relatives came to Lithuania.  After his death his three sons shared out all Lithuania's land and  Kunas got the one where the city of Kaunas is standing nowadays.He also built the Kaunas castle, near the confluence of Nemunas and Neris rivers.

and i love the train related stamp :D
It was issued in August this year to celebrate the 150th anniversary of Railway in Lithuania.

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