Sunday, December 6, 2009

Helsinki, Finland

This picture is taken in front of the Presidential Palace in Helsinki on the Independence Day....which is actually today, so thats why i decided to post this card today, thinking it would be the most convenient moment to do so.

The 6th of December is celebrated in Finland as the day of declaring independence from the Russian Empire.The movement for Finland's Independence started after the Revolutions in Russia  caused by the disturbances from the defeats of the WWI. This gave an opportunity for Finland to withdraw from Russia. After several disagreements between the non-socialists and the social-democrats about the matter of who should have the power in Finland, the parliament  finally declared Finland as an independent state, on 6 December 1917.
well, i would like to use this opportunity to wish a Happy Independence day to all my dear Finnish people, Essi, Markus, Micaela, Essi (another one), Anja, Marja, Katja, Johanna, Kati, Henrikka etc etc etc.....and of coursem Tiina, the sender of this card, without whom i probably wouldnt have made this post today...or at least not with such a perfectly appropriate postcard.

a self-adhesive stamp issued in March 2009, called the Rose Blossom...

ok, i really think i should get down to work....though i so much feel like doing other stuff....

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