Sunday, December 27, 2009


I know that just recently I promised I wont brag any time soon with some rare country....but then THIS arrived in my mailbox...and how could i possibly ignore it and leave it for some time later :)

And I can also classify it under my map card collection :D
Seems like a lovely place, where it is hot all throughout the year! The 'calendar winter' has only just began, and im already sick and tired of it! In summer, even getting soaked in the rain can feel nice.....which reminds me, i DO need to get a bigger umbrella...mine are mostly those which can fit into a purse or a bag...but i want one which even may not be very convenient to carry it around, at least it will cover you whole....and id love one with a transparent blue colour..i know ive seen it with some of my friends, so its not non-existent...i just need to look for it.
Guadeloupe itself is an archipelago in the Eastern Caribbean Sea, and is an overseas department of France, which also makes it a part of the European Union but doesnt actually fall under the Schengen Agreement. Which means that the visa liberalization that has been in force here since 19th December, wont really help me to travel here. Btw, im really annoyed with all the fuss and euphoria that has been created here due to this visa liberalization. They made it seem that as of now, we'd be able to travel absolutely everywhere within the Schengen Zone. I mean, POR FAVOR!! Do they deliberately avoid the financial issue?? Really....all those people who had travelled so far, will keep travelling...the visa issue doesnt play much role for them...while for the rest of us, mortal people, visa or no visa, its pointless to think about it if i dont have the required finances. Moreover, each country had imposed some rule about the proof you need to have that you have enough financial means in order to get inside the country...and they have requirements on daily if I want to go to Germany, i need to have around 40 euros per day...if i want to stay ten days, thats equal to 400 euros....if i want to go to Norway, i need 60 euros per day!!! And if I want to go to Slovenia, I need 70 euros per day?!! I mean, lets get realistic stop making the visa liberalization as the greatest triumph you could have achieved. Take care of the unemployment first, increase people's salaries, and then tell me that i can travel more freely within Europe!

there is this song that has been repeatedly played on the radio lately....rather annoying one...i dont like this sort of hawaii-sound songs....but by some coincidence, the song 'arrived' along with the arrival of my postcard...and i doubt there will be any time soon an appropriate card to post the they mention Christmas as here we go....

Happy Birthday Guadeloupe =)

and now the stamp....from what I read, Guadeloupe for many years now has been using the French even though this card has a French stamp, there is no discrepancy in the postcard-stamp relation. So i can say that this card was originally sent from Guadeloupe. However, im a bit confused about the cancellation...shouldnt something Guadeloupe-related be there? Im more than sure that the lady who sent me this card, mailed it from Guadeloupe indeed, not France....but i still need some clarifications here from someone who has more knowledge in this :)

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