Friday, December 25, 2009

Eilat, Israel

Well, before anything, I would like to wish a very Merry and Joyful Christmas to everyone celebrating it today! I hope you are enjoying your time and that you love the presents you had received! :)
My Christmas is on 7th January, so I wont really post anything Christmassy today...but i guess ill come up with something appropriate for when the time comes :) And thats when YOU can wish me a Merry Christmas as well :P

Ill start with a card from Israel...which in a certain way may seem ironic or absurd, being that first i wish you all a Merry Christmas, knowing who celebrates Christmas today and then posting an Israeli card, having in mind the religion of the majority of Israeli people...but its nothing on purpose to invoke some arguments or to make anyone feel bad in case someone sees it like that...lest not for me is just an ordinary day as any other, so no mixed feelings regarding the not sure when Hanukkah is celebrated exactly...
Eilat is a popular resort in Israel, at the Red Sea....which apparently turns out to be completely blue...when i was still little though, i DID have this idea that the Red Sea was totally red, and that the Black one was totally black...and the Dead Sea caused infinite confusion...

hmmm, lets not get too much is something which has been going through my mind, since its Christmas, and I also mentioned Hanukkah....this seems like perfectly appropriate to be posted today....I just wonder what religion Superman is :D :D :D

the stamp is a really great one, issued this year in a set of 3 for the International Year of Astronomy 2009 - showing Gravitational Lensing. And I also love love love the cancellation! One of the nicest neatest i had ever received on a card :)

Thanks a lot to Marina for sending me this one from her stay in Israel!


WildernessCat said...

Hello Ana,
My name is Danny, and I happen to be from Israel :) I noticed the card from Eilat, and wanted to point out a cool trick the sender used when supplying postage for this one. You see, the stamp is for 3.80 nis, and that means Marina sent it by surface mail (as opposed to airmail). This makes postage a lot cheaper, however (and here is the trick) - Israeli post cannot provide surface mail delivery, so the card actually goes by airmail. This way you save a lot of money, and enjoy fast delivery. Way to go Marina! :)

Soleilka said...

Lovely card !