Friday, September 11, 2009

Padang Pajang, Indonesia

the last card for today comes from Indonesia and showing, if i can say so, my favourite means of transport.

Ever since i had put the trains and railways on my wishlist, i noticed how people have started actually sending me such cards about which im extremely glad! Otherwise, i would have never had all those train-related cards i had received lately :)
this card here shows a railroad in Padang Panjang in Indonesia. Did you know that although Indonesia has over 18000 islands, only TWO have railroads??? thats a shame...
now that i think about it, i havent travelled by train for almost a either on the bus or in the car...and im not sure i will have an opportunity in the near future to travel by train....but i do miss that tk tk sound the trains make...and there is nothing better than travelling at night, in a sleeping cabin and being there just by yourself...mmmmmmmmmmmmm

as for the stamps, from what i could gather..there are four in the set (here you see two of them) and they were issued in May this year, regarding the World Ocean Conference, where Indonesia was the host between 11 - 15 May, and in commemorating this event, the stamp series were issued.
The stamp design beautifully captures the under water life consists of Coral Reef, Blueringed Anglefish, Anemone Shrimp, Goldback Anthias and Green Sea Turtle. 

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