Friday, September 11, 2009

Riga, Latvia

this lovely surprise comes from my dear Katy :)

And not only its a lovely card, but its great to have it since i actually cant brag with an ownership of many Latvian cards....and it has a number of small images and here is what they are showing...starting from left to right..
- The Convent Yard; - Skarnu Street; - The Blackheads House; - The Latvian Academy of Art; - Swedish Gate; - Torna Street; - The Fountain in Opera Park; - The Parliament House; - The Latvian National Opera; - The Panorama of Riga.

I think that the Baltic countries are on my must-to-visit list. Partly coz of what ive seen on pictures and read about them, and partly coz of what ive heard from people who have been there (not natives). I really think these countries should be experienced personally. And i think that if i go, I will have some good *hosts* least in Estonia for example ;-))))   :D :P
Or no???!!!!

the stamps used come from a set of two, issued in 2005 under the National Symbols theme, with the subject of Coats and Arms of Regions and Towns, this one showing Jurmala.

Katy, Aitäh!!


Katts said...

Of course ,Ana:)

Ana said...

thank you :)

ulvikaru said...

Count me also! :D

Ana said...

he he he he, great! :)
if i could, i would pack my suitcases pronto...but ill keep your word, so once i get the chance, you'll have to put up with me :)))