Monday, August 10, 2009

Richmond, USA

I really love this unusual-shaped card, sent to me by dear Chrissy.

Here is Richmond, Virginia's Capitol...and this building is the State Capitol Complex...well, not a very inventive name :)
In the heart of downtown, east of 9th Street, between Broad and Main, where squirrels play beneath the many magnolia trees, the Virginia State Capitol Complex exemplifies the "Old South" and provides a refreshing contrast to the "New South" business district surrounding it.

and here are some lovely stamps, where apart from the famous Simpsons guys, you have two additional ones, a fox and a bear...if you ever get to have some spare bear card, you can send one to Chrissy since she is a bear-lover, and  a card like that would make her super-happy :)
Oh, and if you wonder why so many stamps for a single actually came in an envelope along with a long letter and two other cards...and some stickers...:)

thanks for the great Chrissy...I hope you are doing ok, and we miss you :)


Sunil said...

very nice shape wish if i find it one in near future


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Vagirl said...

Wow, thanks so much Ana for putting one of my cards in your blog. I was very happy to see it!
I always love reading your blog and seeing all your great cards.
Miss you too!