Saturday, August 8, 2009


Man....i feel so blank...its scary....i dont know if coffee, my best friend is gonna be any helpful...ive done loads of work...and still have some left to beginning to wonder if thats coz i really have loads of work to do, or is it coz im so inefficient and there is always something left...i have a feeling that this fella on the picture is giving me some ridiculing look...or pitiful...i dont know...

He is really pretty....i love his vibrant colours. His name is Guacamaya.....his nicknames are Macaw and him whichever suits you best..i think that he also might be a Scarlet Macaw...but you know how it goes with birds and animals...each species has its sub-species which slightly can differ from the original guy....

His eyes seem like a piece of glass or crystal glued over his skin....unnatural but beautiful.
They are exotic birds, said to be living in the wilds of Central and South America...

Scarlet macaws prefer undisturbed rainforest. They eat fruits, nuts, flowers and nectar, and they often eat unripe fruit and nuts that other animals avoid. These macaws also eat clay from river banks. No one is sure why they do this, but the clay seems to be important to them. One hypothesis is that the clay helps the parrots to digest poisonous chemicals found in the unripe fruit they eat.
A pair of scarlet macaws raises one or two young each season in a tree cavity nest. The young birds often stay with their parents for up to two years. The adult parrots will not rear another clutch until the young leave the nest. As a result, the number of macaws increases slowly.
Deforestation has had a big impact on the scarlet macaws. Without their natural habitat, they stop building nests and producing young, and can have difficulty finding enough to eat. Unfortunately, deforestation can be hard to stop because people need land to grow food. A lot of scarlet macaws have been taken from the wild to be sold as pets.

well, as for a is nice to have him at home...he surely is beautiful...but im much happier to see these birds in their natural habitats, where they belong in the first place.

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