Tuesday, August 18, 2009


It may not be some mother's/women's day...but here is a bunch of tulips for you :)

Wow! These Dutch fields just seem amazing!  Esp. from this aerial point of view when you actually get to see their colours perplexing like this...just lovely!
Tulips are always associated with Holland/Netherlands...ok, i really dont know which name to use anymore, so ill stick to what the card says and the card this time says Holland...so be it Holland...anyway, as i was saying, although when you think of tulips, you probably first think of Holland, their name actually originated in the Persian Empire.The tulip, or lale as it is also called in Turkey (and in Macedonia!!!!!!) is a flower indigenous to Turkey, Iran, Afghanistan and other parts of central Asia. Although, it is unclear who first brought the flower to northwest Europe, it is the Turks who made tulip known in Europe.
I remember i once read somewhere that tulips can be grown in every single colour, except blue! ehh, i dont know if this is really true, but how come that out of all the colours, my favourite one cant be a tulip...

Sometimes i wonder if its me the problem and why i cant find the English speaking sections at certain sites...like the one of the Dutch Post office....im pretty sure ive been seeing this stamp (or other values of it with a similar design) for ages...but right now i just cant give any info about it in particular...and frankly, im sleepy and tired and just not feeling ok...and yeah, lazy too :)

Well, off to sleep...

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Miss_Yves said...

A wonderful picture !