Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Well...i intended to make my update today in a rather different way, but something that arrived in my mailbox made me change my plans big time...usually, when i had already decided which cards to post, i go along with it, even if i receive something special in my mailbox, like a new country or so...i usually post those in the upcoming update...and i already have a number of new cards to show to you, so another one arriving shouldnt be such a big deal...well, unless it is actually an official card, which in the world of postcrossing drastically changes value when you receive it, compared to getting it from a swap or so....and my mailbox today was specially treated with an official card from nowhere else, but as the title tells you, KENYA!
No..i still cant believe it honestly....and all day long i just go around bragging about it...i only need to hire one of those small planes and write the message in the sky....


its definitely the smallest ID number i had ever received...the smallest one until now was actually four digits, coming from Denmark...but this one had surpassed it all :) And ive never really been particularly lucky with getting some diversity in the official cards...i even sort of got used to the fact of them coming from the same countries over and over again...but this one just brought a real real refreshment and i think that for a while now i wont be complaining about the official cards i receive, unless its some piece of cardboard calling itself a postcard.
And i want to make something clear, since i know this is a huge issue....many people complain how they receive only FI/DE/US/NL etc....and i also do as well...but this is not coz i hate these countries....i actually love the Finnish postcards, and i often eagerly swap with people from all these countries...the thing here is that people (incl. me) crave for some diversity...and thats not only about the cards i receive, but also the ones i send....i just really want to send to as many different countries as possible, and receive as well...coz thats the thrill of the official site in a way...if you keep sending to the same countries over and over again, it can get a bit tedious....some of the latest countries i had sent an official to, are Belarus, Switzerland and Spain...and i was really excited since ive never sent an official to these places before, though ive sent regular swaps and such many i hope you get my point...and Finland, i really love you, please know that :)

huhh, i really dont know what to tell you about Kenya, i just cant sit still ever since i received this card.....and that i was the lucky one for this person to get my address and send me an official card...and hence today's update is gonna be with just this card only...but i really had to post it today...and show off, i admit :)

as for the stamp....i checked a number of places and googled for it, but unfortunately, no if you have any, this is where you step in....thanks in advance :)

thanks for dropping by...and ill see you tomorrow...hopefully :)


SOe said...

Congrats! KENYA - FANTASTIC!!!

Gem from Calgary said...

That's pretty impressive, an official card from Kenya. One doesn't see that everyday. The stamp was issued in 2001 and if from a set of 14 definitives featuring plants, fruits and flowers.
The Cape Bonavista Lighthouse shows really well and those animal stamps look awesome on the cover.Keep up the good work.Glenn

Chris Overstreet said...

Oh, so this is the one you were so excited about -- I can definitely see why! Thanks for sharing.

BeachILike said...

It is beautiful card :) Congratulations!

Anastasia said...

Ana, you are very lucky and the card is great per se. Congrats!

imajica said...

uuuuuuuuu thats a total brag, I am so jealous!! :) congrats anyway!! my most exotic from official has been sri lanka so far.. I was jumping all around right after I had the card at my hand.
and yours from africa.. it's just too good to believe!! :D

Ana said...

yeah, i know i bragged about this wherever i could...sorry if i got annoying...and i still wonder if i had missed some place :) but i just couldnt help greatest official postcrossing thrill so far...had to be commemorated :P
if i didnt have the official site to prove it, i still wouldnt have believed it :)
but, wohoo :D

Vagirl said...

Wow, awesome card! Lucky you!!!
Congrats to you and as always, I love your posts.
I loved the part of hiring a plane with the banner, lol. I can see why you'd want to do that!!!