Thursday, June 4, 2009


Well, as some of you probably know, yesterday my mailbox was treated in a very special way...actually, the mail didnt get to my mailbox, since i came across the postman while i was going to the groceries and he gave me my mail...and i was all shivering when he handed me a huge envelope... i could have only taken a guess what might be inside, but what really was in there, literally shocked me and left me in disbelief for a long while...I know Glenn told me he could send me some cards from countries i dont have yet in my collection, but that he was gonna send me SO MANY different countries, is what i never crossed my many you want to know? Enough so that i could be showing you a different one each day in the following two weeks! With some countries i never even thought my eyes would see a postcard from, at least for a long long time....well, i wont give you the exhaustive list now, though ive already rambled about it and some of you know it (i just couldnt keep it to myself, had to share it in public :D)
I will give you a new country every now and then...dont want to get you overdosed at once, and i know a few other new countries should be  coming my way as well, so it would be really too much to give them all to you at once...i think its sweeter when you take bits of it gradually :)
Glenn, i really dont know what to say, to express how thankful and delighted i am...this is like a great early birthday present for me! :))))))

And just look at how lovely this card of the best ways to portray Madagascar, since Lemurs are primates who are endemic to the island of Madagascar and some smaller surrounding islands. The term "lemur" is derived from the Latin 'lemures' meaning 'The Spirits of Night" or "Ghosts". This likely refers to their large reflective eyes and the wailing cries of some species. Lemurs have long tails that they use for communication with each other and balance when leaping between trees. They have opposable thumbs and long toes adapted for gripping tree branches. Lemurs have nails rather than claws on all digits except the second toe of each hind foot, which has a toilet-claw for grooming. They all have a tapetum, the reflective layer over the retina that enhances night vision.Lemurs depend heavily on the sense of smell and have large nasal cavities and moist noses.
I dont know if this fella here is terrified from the camera ir is posing, but he seems soooo cute and i would just love to cuddle him :) Ok, it might be a 'she' as well, i cant tell, but in case you didnt know, Lemurs exhibit female dominance.
Unfortunately, they are species in danger of extinction.....

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