Sunday, May 10, 2009

Tashkent, Uzbekistan

Well, i think im feeling ok enough to finally make the update....i still fill pains, but not even as close as severe as they used to be...i walked like almost two hours yesterday...with no big problems...which means im good...i just wanna thank you ALL for all your concern, messages and get well people are really amazing and one of a kind...I know i could go on rambling and rambling about this...but it all ends up with a HUUGE thank YOU!
And here is UZBEKISTAN!!! :)

the reason i actually didnt expect it to arrive was coz when i asked for it, i got a confirmation message, but never got the user's address so that we could swap, and i thought that he is busy or changed his mind or you can imagine my surprise eventually when i found it in my the postman's second attempt :D
Here in particular you can see the Amir Temur Street in Tashkent...Amir Temur or Tamerlane or Temur the Great (1336-1405).
He was a man of a complex, multi-faceted personality. He forged his own destiny and became a prominent historical figure. From his youth he appeared on the political scene as an active politician and military figure. Having become the ruler of Samarkand; he built a great army and carried on many annexationist campaigns. He made an outstanding contribution to the national state system, education and culture, and general development of his state. He promoted the construction of monumental historic buildings, especially in Samarkand. Some of them can be seen today.
So in general, Amir is considered to be as one of the most prominent people of Uzbekistan, and this street named after him is one of the central Tashkent streets....and you can also see the Tashkent TV tower, the highest building in Central Asia (375m.)

And well, as you can see....your stamp illiterate host, started posting stamps as well...even though the votes so far dont tell me much...honestly, all of a sudden while looking at all the stamps and those nice cancellations, i felt as if i had discovered a whole new world...yeah, yeah, have a laugh....i actually used to collect stamps many many years ago, along with my mum, but i never was a serious collector, nor i was fascinated by stamps then as i am now...i just made collections, figuring them out by myself, and putting them in their according series of issue...well, i know id be a lousy stamp collector, esp. since i DONT like taking out my stamps out of my letters and definitely not postcards, but i think im seeing them from a whole different point of view now...hmmm, its funny how people change sometimes....

The stamp here belongs to a 2008 issue of 4 stamps featuring rare grows in Uzbekistan.
Anton, thank you!

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