Sunday, May 10, 2009

Istra, Croatia

Here is a lovely map card portraying the Istra peninsula in Croatia.
Istra is the largest peninsula in the Adriatic Sea and is shared by three countries, Croatia, Slovenia and Italy...
I havent been to Croatia for many many years now, but if i could, i would change that....i was trying to associate each picture/name with something...and i can tell you ive definitely been to Opatija when i was little...I might have been to Pula and Rijeka as well, but thats only a wild guess, coz even if i have been there, i recall...nothing =|
I know ive come across Medulin somewhere, but i dont know if it was something i read about or i watched on TV (its scary how forgetful i had become...)
Rovinj always reminds me of some adverts we have here, esp. at the newsagents or some other booths...they say "Pozdrav iz Rovinja" or in English that would be "Greetings from Rovinj"...
And i know that Umag definitely reminds me of the tennis tournament held there...this year it will be from July 27th till August 2nd....its still not ranked among the highest tennis tournaments, and of course Nadal doesnt play there yet...but it is said that this year they are expecting to see the strongest bunch of players that have ever played in Umag, so maybe eventually Rafa will play there as well...while im ranting about tennis, i have to say im extremely glad that Serbia for the first time featured an ATP tournament this year too...its a 250 tournament, but i hope that with time it will would be a dream to watch Rafa

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