Friday, May 15, 2009

Storfjorden, Norway

When i found this card in my mailbox, i got a chill down my spine...i shuddered all over...and i was just thrilled! Wanna take a guess why?


Norway...just the name of it gives me a shiver....but this fjord here....fjords are so fascinating and so amazing to me...and so beautiful....just look at this absolutely breathtaking view!! And you know why im even more excited about it? Coz i got it as an official! We've had this small "discussion" over at Ksenia's the other day, whether people at the official site put less effort to send you a nice card, compared to the cards you can get thru the swaps/tags/RR's etc....
Well, i can say that with me its sort of balanced...i have received amazing cards through all those ways..just as i had received cards which were rather disappointing...again, as an official, swap, tag etc.
I think that when you swap with someone, its sort of a deal and you may more easily determine what would be ok for the other person, esp. if you have already sent him or her a card, you know what may be right for them...I dont wanna sound too picky coz im actually not...but the disappointing times for me when i had received  a card that had ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with my wish list...not even close to it..and that its like obvious that they have sent you the card just so that they get rid of it...or cards which are like billion years old and even have that awkward stale smell...yeah, ive received a now you do the math who puts more can never know...probably sometimes its harder to determine thru the official what the person may like, esp. if they have the "I like all kinds of cards" thing...not that im gonna send them just anything i have lying around...but its harder to pick, and there is a chance you make a mistake...
I just wanna say that im happy that people like Joey exist on the site and send me cards like this...this is my second official from Joey (the first one was this amazing Lysefjorden i fell in love with..)
I think that the debate could go on forever...what im trying to determine is, whats worse, when you arrange a swap/tag/ get a crappy card or not to get a card at all?
Btw, Storfjorden in English means "Great Fjord"...

the stamps is from the 2008 issue of Touristic Stamps (If im right with what ive read, every year Norway issues a set of Touristic Stamps). The one here is representing the Sunnmøre Alps, which is the favourite haunt of hikers and climbers.

Joey, thanks again for this stunning card...i truly hope, not the last one :))))


viridian said...

That view is magnificent!

Sreisaat said...

Simply breath-taking!

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